Weapons of Mythology


The services WOM currently provide include the following :


  • Game Stand for EXPO
    Provide computers and internet configuration for game companies during major game expos, facilitates visitors’ gaming experience and internet service.
    Expo visitors enjoying multi-player online gaming experience




  • Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. is our main partner regarding computer hardware



  • E-sport Organization
    Assist in organizing eSports competitions (such as LOL, SC2) for large corporations. Set up online broadcasting system with professional game commentators.



  • Professional commentator commenting on the game match, enhancing employees’ participation.



  • Professional Sounds

  1. We have a professional recording studio, music composers, sound effect artists and voice artists for game/animation background music, sound effects production, and Chinese voice dubbing.

  2. Professional music/sound effects team recording/voice dubbing



  • Game background music/Sound Effects production. Click here to listen to our product sample.

  • Game Industry Seminar Presentations
    Organizes game industry seminars




  • Animation/3D/2D Design
    CG Animation storyboard production
    CG Animation storyboard design
    Image: Concept art (please see the attached file)

    07-01CG Animation productioProfessional art production team

ART-MAN                                                                                                 Image: From left to right- AD/2D/3D/Animation

  • 2D character design Image: Concept art (please see the attached file)


3D modeling Image: Finished design (please see the attached file)

    • Animation

  • ClientMMO, APP software design

    1.Collaboration with Blade Chronicle
    Gamemag Interactive Inc. provides an all-inclusive Multi-regional service that includes expansion pack contents development as well as operational support and localization.

    Operational Regions:
    Japan, Taiwan/Hong Kong



    2.App Design
    Application game development according to customers requirement, allowing connection to the server via different client platforms.


  • Software Design Consultation Services

Computer software design consultation service

Eric Chang
XPEC Entertainment Inc.

Eric Chang graduated from National TsingHua University with a Master degree in Electrical Engineering in 1990 in Taiwan. Currently working at XPEC as CTO, he is in charge of the planning and development of central technology for XPEC group. He has been working in the game industry for over 18 years. Since 1993, he has taken the role of lead programmer, programming manager, technical director, producer, production director or general manager during various phases in his career, and also has had many co-development experiences with North America and Japanese game developers such as NBGI, Activision, SCE Asia and Metro3D. He has participated in over 15 titles production across different video game platforms (PC, Saturn, Dreamcast, Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2, PSP, PS3, GBA, GameCube, NDS, and Wii) throughout the years.Eric is the co-founder of XPEC. During his tenure at XPEC, he led the development of 3D and networking engines for multiple platforms. Furthermore, he also involved in the notable titles production of Bounty Hounds for PSP, Kung Fu Panda for Wii & PS2 and DongfangQueshen for PSP published worldwide.

Locke Yang
Technical Director

Master of Computer Science and Information Engineering
National Cheng Kung University
Sep 2000 – Jul 2002

Bachelor of Computer Science
National Chiao Tung University
Sep 1994 – Jul 1998

XPEC Entertainment
Technical Director
Jul 2009 to now

XPEC Entertainment
Programming Supervisor
Jul 2006 – Jul 2009

XPEC Entertainment
Software Engineer
Oct 2002 – Jul 2005

Specialize in Computer Graphics
Developed Bounty Hounds Online title
Developed NDS Equal Card title
Developed PSP Bounty Hounds title
Directed key planning for 1,2 cross platform engine developmen


  • Webpage/Framework Design
    Website design planning
    Website framework


Webpage design
Art design
Copy writing